full view of Bösendorfer 170VC grand piano
full view of Bösendorfer 170VC grand piano BSD_170VC_inside BSD_170VC_VC_plate-detail BSD_170VC_rear-duplex BSD_170VC_plate BSD_170VC_tenor BSD_170VC_soundboard overhead view of Bösendorfer 170VC BSD_170VC_right

Bösendorfer 5’7″ model 170VC Vienna Concert

The newly designed 5’7″ Bösendorfer model 170VC grand piano will make you rethink what is possible in a grand piano of this size.  If you want the very best but don’t want redesign your entire living room to have it, this is piano is a the solution.

With other, even revered makers, their sub-6′ pianos are always seen as a compromise, either giving up balance or evenness or clarity of their larger siblings.  The Bösendorfer model 170VC offers better control, more nuance, and more ability to express your emotions through your playing than any other piano of its size.  It satisfies like no other.

Brand: Bösendorfer



The original design of the Bösendorfer model 170 dates back to 1908, the firm’s first successful small grand piano.  After quite a few important changes in the early years of that model, it settled in for decades as one of the most musically outstanding small grand piano on the market from any maker.  With the development of the Vienna Concert, Bösendorfer has added modern sound and performance to their traditional craftsmanship to create the next generation.  First seen in the 9’2″ model 280VC concert grand piano, the Vienna Concert technology is now present in the model 170VC.  Visit PianoWorks to see firsthand what makes the Vienna Concert design both unique and transformative to this already renowned maker.


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