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Seiler 5’3″ model GS-160LN White (2018)

Visit us for this gently pre-owned Johannes Seiler baby grand piano in white with nickel hardware.  Made in 2018, this nearly new piano is a rare find.  At 5’3″ in length, this piano will fit in nearly any room, but is still long enough to have a full and rich tone.

In addition to nickel hardware (casters, hinges, plate hardware), the harp is also finished in a stunning metallic silver.  The cabinet style is called the “Louvre” with turned Victorian legs and open music desk, as well as details on the rim.

*The piano is snow white, not ivory. It was quite a challenge to photograph, but looks stunning in person.

If New, suggested retail price is $37,093 (

Includes matching adjustable bench, 5 year PianoWorks warranty.

Brand: Seiler

Price: $16499


Named after the the founder’s son, Johannes Seiler pianos remain true to the company’s goal of helping more people play, learn and enjoy pianos around the world.  Designed in Germany with many German components, the Johannes Seiler line is assembled at a state of the art piano factory in Indonesia.  This global manufacturing approach ensures high quality, while also offering high value.

The GS-160LN “Louvre” in polish white with nickel trim is a storybook piano, truly special in its details as well as its nuance as a baby grand piano.


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