Complete Grand Piano Restoration

Complete Grand Piano Restoration

PianoWorks’ Restoration is widely known among institutions, concert halls, musicians and technicians. With 30 years of rebuilding experience and a team of technicians with expertise and focus on achieving optimal performance of each piano, PianoWorks has earned the reputation for uncompromising quality. Our restoration clients appreciate our high standards and attention to details required for complete grand piano restoration.

PianoWorks offers complete restoration services including soundboard, bridge and full action replacement. Because these are very specialized skills that many shops and technicians are not trained to do, many technicians send their grands to us for this work. Link to our restoration web site below to see our shop and learn more about the services we offer.

Although we specialize in restoring Steinway & Sons and Mason & Hamlin pianos, we regularly repair and restore other brands of performance grade grand pianos. Because not all pianos are worth the investment of restoring, we encourage you to call us. We will gladly discuss the best options for your piano.

Here are just a few of the institutions who have used our Restoration Services:
University of Georgia              Perimeter College
Bob Jones University              West Georgia University
Florida State University           Morehouse College
University of Tennessee          Emory University
Mercer University (Macon)     Kennesaw State University
Reinhardt College                    Auburn University
Agnes Scott College                University of Louisiana (Lafayette)
Georgia State                           University Wesleyan College
LaGrange College                    Shorter College
Presbyterian College               Georgia Southern University

Additionally, many pianos are restored for faculty members!

Tips For Getting Started

Your piano tuner has just advised you that major work needs to be done to your grand piano to restore it to its original performance level. You are now faced with the questions so many people ask . . .how much works needs to be done, where do I go for this kind of work, who do I trust, who has the skill level to do the work properly?

Because there is limited information available to consumers, here are some tips to help you with those questions:

1)  Look for a rebuilding shop with experience and technicians who are RPTs (registered piano tuners have met the standards set by the piano guild). Ask other piano technicians their opinion of the technical work done by the shop you are considering.

2)  Have your piano evaluated and have them provide you with an estimate of the work needed. Ask questions and learn what work is needed to bring your piano to its full potential.

3)  Determine if the shop is known for their cabinet refinishing, superior technical restoration or both. Which aspect is important to you?

4)  Review their references, there should be a significant list.

5)  If Universities are listed, know that they have researched thoroughly! They are a demanding clientele with high expectations as they have to answer for the tax dollars they are spending.

6)  Play several pianos rebuilt by the shop so you can assess their performance level.

7)  Visit the restoration shop for a better understanding of how they operate.

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