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Piano Lessons at PianoWorks

Learning to play the piano is a joy that can last a lifetime. Parents of young children see the benefits of piano lessons extend even further. Research has shown that children who study music have actually achieved higher math and SAT scores.

Children, teens and adults alike have the opportunity to take piano lessons at PianoWorks. All of our teachers have degrees in music and a passion for teaching. They are highly motivated and genuinely enjoy the process of helping others learn. Whether you or your child are a beginner or already know the basics, our teachers are eager to help you improve. For those who have a specific interest in learning jazz, classical, hymns or everyday pop, let us connect you with a teacher who will further your skills in that area.

Each of our teaching studios is equipped with a high quality piano. Also, students and teachers have easy access to our recital hall and a broad selection of the best concert level pianos available anywhere in the world. This combination – professional, highly dedicated teachers, high quality pianos, access to performance quality instruments and a recital hall – provides students with an excellent learning environment that will yield big dividends.

Equally relevant, PianoWorks is far more than just a sales company that represents the finest pianos in the world. We strive to make PianoWorks a “center” for all things piano – a place where students, teachers, parents, pianists, music lovers and anyone interested in pianos and music can fulfill their needs and wishes in a positive, casual, fun filled, people-oriented environment. We are here to serve the music community!

For more information and to inquire about lessons, or any of our services, please call us at 770-623-0683.

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