Player System Installation

Player System Installation

PianoWorks is unique among piano dealers in that we represent both major player system manufacturers.  Each has it’s own particular strengths. Let PianoWorks sales experts guide you to the right choice for your home.

Player piano technology has been advancing for the last 100 years.  Since the original piano roll was introduced, player technology has gone from casette tapes to floppy discs, cd’s, dvd’s, compact flash cards, iPod, and today, your smartphone or tablet.  Today’s systems are wireless, you can purchase music digitally, make your own playlists or with subscription service, select a genre (almost like selecting a radio station) and stream live music from your piano!

The 2 leading systems today are QRS Pianomation III and PianoDisc iQ.  Beyond the standard playback systems, you can upgrade to a variety of features like record & playback of your own performances, a silent piano function that allows you to use your piano with headphones.  All of these come with a great starter library.

Our specially trained technicians install the player systems on site at PianoWorks. After delivery we are available for service and any questions you may have.

A player system can be added to most grand pianos. Choose a new or used grand piano in our showroom and we can add a system before delivery. Or call us with your piano information and we will advise you if your piano can support a player system and the options available.


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