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Steinway_O_175107_keyboard 12 belly of Steinway model O, repaired original soundboard Steinway_O_175107_model 12 Steinway_O_175107_plate 12 Steinway_O_175107_casting 12 Steinway_O_175107_bass 12 Steinway_O_175107_right 12

Steinway & Sons 5’10.5″ model O (1917, Restored)

Steinway & Sons model O for sale.  Originally built ~1917, this Steinway parlor grand has been fully restored in Europe such that the piano both looks and sounds like a new Steinway again.  Careful restoration choices influenced by the European craftsman give this piano more of a European tone typically found in Steinway pianos from Hamburg.

If New, NY List for this instrument is $103,500.  Save nearly 50% on the piano of your dreams!

Includes 5 year parts & labor warranty, matching artist bench.


Brand: Steinway & Sons

Price: $54999


Pianos built between ~1900 – 1930 are often referred to as “Golden Era” piano due to the height of popularity of the piano among artists, orchestras, American homeowners, and due to the highly competitive nature within the piano manufacturers of the day. Steinway rose to prominence during this era, owing to their innovations, overall performance, and appeal to top performers of the day. Steinway historians also point to the quality of the craftsmanship and key materials available during that era of production that tends to give these instruments just that little extra, intangible qualities that made them iconic.

Fully restored by European craftsmen, the restoration of this instrument includes:

  • New high polish ebony finish
  • Restored, Original Steinway soundboard
  • New hand-notched, Sugar Maple (hard rock maple) bridge caps
  • New Fully-fit, 5-ply Sugar Maple pinblock
  • New German action (hammers, shanks, flanges, back checks)
  • Restored, original Steinway repetitions
  • New German bass strings
  • New German damper felts
  • Re-guilded & hand-lettered cast iron frame
  • All new plate felts
  • Updated case parts
  • Too many steps to list here….


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