Hailun 5’4″ HG-161

The Hailun 5’4” HG-161 grand piano has a nicely balanced tone and very expressive dynamics. It is designed as a professional Grand piano with an amazingly big and rich sound for an instrument of its category. While intended for reduced floor space requirements of smaller studios or home, it is build with all of the features of the larger professional grand piano. The lines of the instrument are elegant by design. The HG-161 beautifies any home surroundings while its sturdy construction makes it the perfect small professional piano.



•PerformancePlus™ Action
Hailun proprietary PerformancePlus™ design action includes parts made of European Hornbeam, reinforced German felt hammers, and an aluminum with maple core action rail.  The result is an astonishing predictable control resulting in a wide and colorful range of tones.
•Duplex scaling
Enjoy the rich harmonics and the fuller sound the piano provides because of the well-designed and excellently crafted duplex scaling of the HG-161.
•Beveled & Reinforced Lid
The elegance of the HG-161 is enhancerd in part by the beautiful beveled lid.  It is also reinforced for many years of service.  Every aspect of the HG-161 is engineered for optimal performance while maintaining elegant lines.  Truly the HG-161 is engineered for quality, but designed for beauty.
•Performance Sustenuto Pedal
The HG-161 is equipped with a fully functioning sustenuto pedal  to provide the maximal expression available.
•Soundboard, Ribs and Beams
Hailun sound engineers selected only optimum Grade “A” spruce for the HG-161 soundboard and ribs.  The results are…the finest dynamic range for an instrument in its category, a wonderful even tone that carries across its whole gamut of frequencies and a powerful expressive sound resulting from a large soundboard.  The high quality support beams insure stability and durability to this fine instrument.
•“Balanced” Wet Sand Plate Proprietary Casting
Totally proprietary for the HG-161, Hailun engineers have designed the properly balanced wet sand plate to support the heavy load of string tension. The Hailun WetSand™ process insures many decades of tuning and structural stability.
•Hard-Maple Bridges
The bridges carry the vibrations of the strings to the soundboard. The HG-161 bridges are made from select hard maple for durability and precision.  They are individually notched and yield a clear, powerful sound.
•Durable Pinblock
The HG-161 pinblock is made from the finest maple, cross-laminated to assure the instrument holds its tuning and voicing through decades of playing the piano.
•High Quality Strings
The HG-161 strings are imported from the acclaimed Röslau Piano String Factory originating in  the district of Wunsiedel in Bavaria, Germany.  Known for its uniform thickness and roundness and its higher tensile strength, they are among the finest music wires available.  The bass strings are made of solid copper windings.
•Soft-Close Fallboard
The HU-161 is equipped with a soft close mechanism to protect piano finish as well as to avoid injuries.
•Fifteen Year Warranty
The Hailun HG-161piano is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for fifteen years from the date of original retail purchase from an Authorized Hailun Merchant.  If you decide to sell your Hailun piano, this limited full fifteen-year warranty is transferable to the purchaser from the original owner.


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