Knabe baby grand and upright pianos offer hand-crafted quality at a great price.

  • Knabe WKG64 piano in satin ebony

    Knabe 6’4″ model WKG64 (2009) – Assembled in USA

    Knabe 6'4" model WKG64 (2009) - Assembled in USA
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    Knabe 6’4″ model WKG64 (2009) – Assembled in USA

    Pre-Owned Knabe model WKG64 grand piano for sale.  Knabe is one of the most revered piano makers the US has ever produced.  It’s noteworthy that when the Steinway brothers left Germany to learn about modern piano building, they first came to work for Knabe in Baltimore.

    During the Golden Era of piano making, the 6’4″ Knabe grand was among the very short list of “best parlor grands”.  Fast forward 100 years and this model was painstakingly recreated from the original design.  And this particular Knabe on our showroom floor was assembled right here in the US.  That’s correct, this piano has a US serial number.

    Previously a Knabe dealer, PianoWorks recognized the potential of this like-new piano from Knabe’s Concert Artist series, we decided to take it a step further by installing a new set of German Renner shanks and Blue Point hammers before optimizing the action.  The piano is smooth, full, warm and colorful, just like the great American pianos of the early 20th century.

    If new, Retail price is over $63,000

    Includes matching bench and 5 year PianoWorks parts & labor warranty.


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