1925 Bösendorfer model 275 full view
1925 Bösendorfer model 275 full view Bösie_275_23720_keyboard 12 Bösie_275_23720_desk 12 Bösie_275_23720_bass-pins 12 Bösie_275_23720_tenor 12 Bösie_275_23720_plate 12 Bösie_275_23720_plate-detail 12 Bösie_275_23720_bass 12 Bösie_275_23720_soundboard-detail 12 Bösie_275_23720_ivoryM 12

Bösendorfer 9′ model 275 (1925, factory restoration)

A historic treasure, this rare 9′ Bösendorfer model 275 concert grand piano is ready and available for purchase.  Recently restored, this piano is suitable for concert work once again.

The restoration was completed by the Bösendorfer factory in December 2015 including new soundboard, pinblock, strings, felts and full refinish.  A sostenuto pedal was also added at that time, and it is worth noting that this piano still has its perfect original ivory keytops.

Previous action work had been done in stages since 2001, so in Fall of 2023, PianoWorks installed a new action with Renner parts & hammers, making it fresh and ready for a new home or venue.

This history of this instrument is quite significant.  Inquire for more details.

Brand: Bösendorfer

Price: $94999


Originally built in Vienna in 1925, this concert grand was selected for Wigmore Hall in London where it resided as the “Primo” concert grand from 1925 until ~1938, just before WWII.  Then sold into private hands, the piano stayed in England until it was sold as part of an estate in 2001.  The piano’s 3rd owner, a well-known concert pianist, brought the piano to the US where it was used as a home instrument as well as for several significant recordings.  Then a Bösendorfer artist, the owner sent the piano back to Vienna for major restoration.  The instrument stayed in Europe where it was use for practice and for more recordings, after the worst of the pandemic cleared, the piano was sent to PianoWorks in the US.  Previous work on the action was done in stages since 2001, so PianoWorks was tasked with optimizing the action including Renner action parts and Renner hammers and made ready for sale.

One of the world’s finest concert grands, with a proven history, from one of the world’s most revered factories is now available for purchase.  Please contact us to make an appointment to see and play this rare Bösendorfer concert grand.

Provenance includes the record of the original sale to Wigmore Hall, receipt from the factory restoration in 2015, and a list of Classical recordings made and published using this instrument.  There are other historical recordings that are likely made on this important instrument, but so far, history has not provided the documentation.


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