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Yamaha 5’3″ model GC1 (2005)

Many people would love to own a Yamaha baby grand, and PianoWorks is pleased to offer our certified, pre-owned Yamaha that will save you $$$$.  This handsome, satin ebony 5’3″ Yamaha model GC1 is the same scale design as the smallest model from their Conservatory series. This makes it musically balanced and easy to service.  Whether it is a dream for yourself or a dream for your children, the condition of this pre-owned instrument ensures many, many years of service & beauty.

Made in Japan in 2005, this baby grand piano is in excellent physical and mechanical condition.  Make an appointment to see this fine instrument today.

If New, MSRP for this piano is $26,599 (The Piano Buyer, Fall 2023).

Includes matching bench with storage, 5 year Parts & Labor warranty.

Brand: Yamaha

Price: $13499


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