Grotrian 208 studio 900x600
Grotrian_208Studio_full Grotrian_208Studio_front-right Grotrian_208Studio_front-right-low Grotrian_208Studio_detail-stretcher Grotrian_208Studio_plate-detail Grotrian_208Studio_inside Grotrian_208Studio_lid-prop Grotrian_208Studio_caster Grotrian_208Studio_strings-detail Grotrian_208Studio_full-front Grotrian_208Studio_full-high Grotrian_208Studio_inside-low Grotrian_208Studio_keyboard Grotrian_208Studio_music-desk-front Grotrian_208Studio_music-desk-rear Grotrian_208Studio_right

Grotrian 6’10” Charis 208 Studio

New from Grotrian is the Charis 208 Studio.  At 6’10”, the Grotrian Charis is an outstanding instrument for all levels of instruction and performance.  Grotrian Studio instruments benefit first from a unique, scratch-proof matte finish not available from other brands.  This tough exterior will reduce the wear of day-to-day use typical in schools, universities, teaching studios & churches.  Additionally, the music desk has been redesigned to bear the heavier use also typical of institutions.

Brand: Grotrian


Additional cosmetic changes have been made to the instrument.  The plate finish is more plain, all additional decals are removed, plate hardware is more simple, inner rim is matte studio finish instead of decorative veneer.  The result is saved labor and greater savings for you.

*Note: a Grotrian logo plaque is visible in the photos on the right side of the instrument.  This is not typical and is removable.
**This piano features upgraded locking stage casters, rubber lined to protect flooring.

Can also be ordered in 6’4″ Cabinet 192 Studio.

Certificate »Made in Germany« from the association of the German piano manufacturers

The BVK introduced the new certificate to increase market transparency for potential customers of high quality grand and upright pianos. The strict guidelines of the BVK, which requires a 100% production in Germany must be fulfilled for all instruments produced under the certified brand names by the respective manufacturers. After successful certification, GROTRIAN now has the right to use the logo of the BVK »Made in Germany« for all their instruments, as well as to promote them with the certificate.


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