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Seiler 5’3″ GS-160N Johannes White

Since 1849, Seiler has built fine pianos for professional musicians as well as piano students. Johannes Seiler continues this tradition with their newest baby grand, model GS-160. At 5’3″, this piano was designed for living rooms, teaching studios and most anywhere a grand piano can be enjoyed.

Here, we feature the GS-160N in high polish white with nickel trim and silver plate, a stunning combination.

Brand: Seiler



Designed by Seiler in Germany, this piano features many German materials and components, but is assembled in a modern piano factory in Indonesia with all of the latest manufacturing efficiencies to bring such a high quality piano at an affordable price.  The touch, tone and look will give you decades of enjoyment.

Includes matching storage bench and 10 Year Seiler Parts & Labor warranty.


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