Bösendorfer Louis XVI

The European transitional style between late Baroque and Classicism is called “Louis-seize” after Louis XVI of France. Classicism’s return to the world of Antiquity led to a taste for naturalistic forms, such as baskets of flowers, willow boughs, garlands of fruit, ribbons, swags and classical ornaments. Marie Antoinette herself – wife of Louis XVI – is said to have sparked off the rediscovery of naturalistic décor.

Brand: Bösendorfer



Rediscovery and a return to the past, the search for meaning and lasting value and things that can be relied on in life: these are all recurring themes to which thinking people have come back time and again throughout the ages.

Since 1828, music-lovers have known that there is one thing they can rely on: our determination to build the best pianos and grand pianos in the world. The value of a Bösendorfer is longer lasting than one lifetime….


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