Seiler 170th Anniversary piano, full
Seiler 170th Anniversary piano, full Seiler 170th Anniversary, rosewood music desk Seiler piano, silver plate Seiler piano, silver plate, tenor Seiler 170th Anniversary, Rosewood inner rim Seiler 170th Anniversary, Rosewood under lid

Seiler 6’2″ ED-186 Ebony and Rosewood

Special Edition Seiler Piano:  Originally created for their 170th anniversary, this design incorporating ebony with rosewood accents and silver trim is back again.  Come play it before it is gone.

Brand: Seiler


If you ask industry professionals, Seiler has always been know for not only premium quality of musical design while offering some truly beautiful statement designs.  This limited production is a great addition to that tradition.  The high polish ebony cabinet is pared with traditional Rosewood veneer on the music desk, fallboard and underneath side of the lid, and all along the inner rim.  The cast iron frame is finished in silver metallic finish and all of the hardware is completed in nickel.  The details pair the traditional with the modern in a contemporary look that gives a nod to the past in something as timeless as a grand piano.


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