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Bösendorfer 9’2″ Model 280VC

Breathtaking dynamics, astounding colors and exhilarating brilliance: the new Bösendorfer Concert Grand model 280VC – Vienna Concert – represents the culmination of Bösendorfer’s legendary approach to piano manufacturing. The next generation of the Bösendorfer Concert Grand. Pure emotion at play.

Brand: Bösendorfer


The new Bösendorfer Concert Grand model 280VC – Vienna Concert – takes audiences and artists by surprise.  Our engineering team has established a symbiosis of Bösendorfer’s legendary traditional approach to piano manufacturing and most recent, sophisticated scientific modelling and measuring technology.  This Concert Grand has been re-imagined from scratch, yet, remains true to our sound philosophy, further advancing our resonance case principle. Renowned pianists – trusted masters in the art of sound crafting – have been involved in perfecting the acoustic articulation of our 280VC. The elegantly sleek silhouette reflects the ease of this instrument in projecting brilliant soundwaves, just effortlessly.  A sound as clear as diamonds, yet playfully gleaming like beaming sparkles of light.


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