Great Selection Of Grand Pianos ~7′ Size Class

When customers are looking for new or pre-owned performance instruments, PianoWorks has always had great choices.  Currently, our selection is better than usual, with a tremendous number of pianos around the 7′ size class.  This size class for instruments is targeted to professional musicians, recording studios, small venues, churches, and those devoted to the sound a great piano can make.  Naturally, this makes it one of the most competitive size classes with many piano makers making extra effort to present flagship-level instruments.

Below is a current list of these instruments listed alphabetically, plus a brief description.  The pianos range from 6’9″ – 7’5″.

  1. Bösendorfer 225 – Simply the best; this famed Austrian maker has both the finest and most exclusive instruments in the world.
  2. Estonia L210 – New design from this invigorated maker; Estonia is generally considered to have the best value among the elite piano brands.
  3. Grotrian 208 Studio – one of the few elite makers to challenge Bösendorfer, this piano has unmatched purity & special “Studio” finish that is tough enough for college practice rooms or backstage.
  4. Hailun HG218 – Designed by Stephen Paulello, this piano is currently the flagship of the reigning, 2-time Acoustic Piano Line of the Year – MMR magazine.
  5. Kawai GS-50 – Pristine, pre-owned Japanese piano, the GS-series were the Artist-level predecessor to the current GX-series; a bargain for a big piano.
  6. Seiler SE208 – Clarity, warmth and control, Seiler is a best value among elite German makers
  7. Steinway C – rare opportunity, this freshly restored instrument offers Steinway’s tremendous range of musical colours.  This piano does more the perennial favorite Steinway B.

Just below our size cutoff, I would have to include two 6’7″ instruments from our current inventory:  Bösendorfer 200 & pre-owned Yamaha C5.

A few additional models from our makers are available but not currently in stock including Bösendorfer 214, Estonia L225, Grotrian 225.  Coming soon will be 2 restored Steinway model B’s among others.  While no ETA is yet given, we have a vintage Mason & Hamlin BB waiting its turn for restoration.

Finally, we will leave you with this video of the Bösendorfer 225 #50.000.  As an authorized Bösendorfer dealer, this piano is can be purchased from us even though it is not currently in our showroom.  The price is $750,000 for this one-of-a-kind Artisan piano.

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