We conduct a thorough selection, inspection and preparation so that our Pre-Owned Kawai pianos are the best used Kawai pianos available. Customers in Atlanta and beyond have discovered that our high standards uncover used Kawai grand and upright pianos in the best condition. Kawai pianos this good are always in limited supply, so make an appointment today and visit our showroom in NE Atlanta.

  • Kawai 5’5″ model RX-1 (2010)

    Kawai 5'5" model RX-1 (2010)
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    Kawai 5’5″ model RX-1 (2010)

    Pre-Owned Kawai model RX-1 for sale.  At 5’5″ long, this piano is still considered a baby grand piano and will fit well in music rooms, teaching studios and living rooms.  Suitable for beginner to advanced repertoire, the RX-series is made for institutional use as well as home use.

    For years, Kawai has established their reputation for quality pianos at a good value.  For over 20 years, the RX-series stood as their highest production series.  Recently updated to the GX-series, this RX-1 is the direct predecessor to the current GX-1.  Designed for professional use, in addition to their good performance, they offer high reliability and serviceability the public has come to expect from Japanese manufacturing.

    This piano is equipped with Kawai’s Millenium III action featuring modern carbon fiber/ABS components.

    Made in Japan in 2010, this baby grand piano is in flawless physical and mechanical condition.  Make an appointment to see this fine instrument today.

    If New, MSRP for this piano is $42,795 (The Piano Buyer, Spring 2023).

    Includes matching bench with storage, 5 year Parts & Labor warranty.


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