We conduct a thorough selection, inspection and preparation so that our Pre-Owned Kawai pianos are the best used Kawai pianos available. Customers in Atlanta and beyond have discovered that our high standards uncover used Kawai grand and upright pianos in the best condition. Kawai pianos this good are always in limited supply, so make an appointment today and visit our showroom in NE Atlanta.

  • Kawai K-60 upright piano

    Kawai 52″ model K-60 (2001)

    Kawai 52" model K-60 (2001)
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    Kawai 52″ model K-60 (2001)

    Pre-Owned Kawai model K-60 upright piano for sale.  Made in Japan in 2001, the K-60 is among Kawai’s tallest and highest quality upright pianos.  In outstanding condition, this piano has been freshly serviced and is looking for a new home.

    The Kawai model K-60 is a predecessor to the rare K-600, a qualitative step above even the well-regarded current model Kawai K-500.  If you are a fan of Kawai, then this is your opportunity to own one of the very best uprights in its class.  Perfect for all levels of play…from aspiring beginners to professional studio use.

    If New, Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail price is $24,195.

    Includes 5 year PianoWorks warranty, matching bench


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