PianoWorks on YouTube Celebrates a Landmark

PianoWorks wishes to celebrate a small landmark for our YouTube Channel.  Two years ago, we created our YouTube Channel, however for the first year, videos were few and far between.  We’ve ramped up our efforts to bring valueable video content to our customers and the piano community with nearly 50 videos.  This weekend, our humble channel passed 30,000 views!

When I think about 30,000 views, our videos are hardly viral, but they are relevant and helpful.  I have ambitious goals for our future videos, but I want to take this moment to reflect on the success that so many views represents for our little slice of life.  We have many piano demos, some for digital pianos, some customer performances + a few random videos related to our business.

We educate customers as a fundamental element of our business approach.  An educated customer is, in fact, more likely to be a PianoWorks customer.  YouTube has offered us a platform, not to sell pianos, but instead to share information and experiences (and hopefully some entertainment) in the true spirit of the YouTube community.  Music is a satisfying, enriching, and hopefully fun pursuit; we hope by being responsible members of the piano community to lead customers away from poor, unsatisfying sales experience.  Instead, you can spend some time in our world, learning, spending time with family, and sharing our passion for music.

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