Winter NAMM 2010: wrap up

Saturday night I caught the redeye flight out of LAX and meandered my way back to Atlanta.  Low on sleep, my father and I prepared our showroom for a visit by an area church considering a new instrument for their sanctuary.  No rest for the weary traveler, but then NAMM was worth it.  I even have a few pictures to share.

Between my laptop, camera, video camera and cellphone, I found it difficult to weild the right media weapon.  No, I don’t have a smartphone yet, but perhaps next year.  The bigger picture is that what I really needed was my own crew of photographers and cameramen, because everywhere I looked was something I wanted to share later.  I don’t know what notions you may have about the music industry, but the NAMM Show encourages all kinds, all ages.

Mixed among the Suits (I wore a sportscoat) are crowds of blue jeans, leather and even some spandex.  I admit that some outfits really got my attention, but I loved that people could relax or dress for full effect.  This young lady dressed for full effect.

And I continue to walk around the main floor of the showroom and I look to my right and see “Weird” Al Yankovic and think to myself, “No, she was weirder.”

Okay, so besides the people watching, there was some great music.  I spent a few hours at the Estonia Piano booth to conduct business as well as help develop content for their new YouTube Channel.  Dr. Indrek Laul is both the owner and a very accomplished pianist.

Some other great musicians stopped by, so check the Estonia Piano Channel for videos to come.

There is also a stage in the lobby near the main entrance, and throughout the day, performers rev up the crowd.  NAMM organizers do a great job of inviting a good variety of performers.  PRS Guitars presented Orianthi and I snapped a few pictures.

On another day, Wicked Tinkers started our day.  They brought their kilts and drums and put on a great show.

NAMM attracts musicians at every turn who just enjoy performing like these two guys who brought a battery-powered setup to play on the sidewalk outside the Anaheim Convention Center.

You can also checkout PianoWorks Channel on YouTube for related videos.

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