Sunday Afternoons at PianoWorks


We never know what Sunday brings to our business.  Even our front door says, “Sundays ~ by Appointment” though we only close on Sundays in July.  Some Sundays, we field a few phone calls and sell some piano sheet music, and on others, we feel overwhelmed with customers.  Two families will be trying pianos while a third will wish to visit our downstairs showroom, someone else will need assistance with metronomes or digital pianos all while directing visitors to our recital hall.  It’s a good problem to have, but it is a problem.

Were Sundays more predictable, we would have these staffing issues solved.  We have great people, but in this economy, we choose to stay lean.  Today, like most Sundays, we hosted a piano recital for a local teacher.  I should say for a clan, really, as today we had a family of piano teachers.  We get to know three generations since the grandchildren have visited often enough to recognize us as well.  The parents show up early and many express gratitude for the recital hall and the opportunity for young musicians to play on world-class concert grands like Bosendorfer and Schimmel.  We make friends and take our role in nurturing the next generation of musicians and customers.  Sundays are good for that.

Sundays are a tough day to sell pianos.  Our method of presenting pianos can take a while because we feel there is so much to learn.  Today, like many Sundays, I had customers past close.  I find Sundays to be a good day to shop, but with the Sunday afternoon mindset, church obligations, distractions like football, many customers find it difficult to make decisions.

When Sundays are light, it gives me opportunity to plan.  I enjoy planning events, considering inventory, reviewing our industry news.  Last week, we planned to cycle musical instrument accessories (from our band and orchestra rental days) on ebay and today we got the first of hundreds of items listed.  If you are in the market for violin strings or clarinet maintenance kits, there are some good deals there.  We’re new to the ebay community.  Welcome us.

While you don’t need a Sunday appointment, I’d love to for you to make one so I can share my business with you.

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