Spring Recital Bookings a Success!

PianoWorks opened last Saturday morning earlier than usual.  Pulling in at 8:30 am, Linda noticed 15 people camped outside, and by 9:00 am when PianoWorks opened their doors, at least 25 teachers were waiting their turn.  What could have made these piano teachers line up like they were waiting for the new Harry Potter premier?  Spring Recital Season!

Among the many devoted piano teachers in the area, the early arrivals displayed a competitive desire to book piano recitals for the peak season.  August 1 is the day PianoWorks opens its Spring ’10 recital schedule for private events.  At 10 am, the phone lines were opened, and before noon, all of the available weekends in April and May were full.

This demand has been growing in recent years.  PianoWorks’ Recital Hall has become an integral community facility where hundreds of events are scheduled each year.  Last August about 6 teachers were waiting for PianoWorks to open, and this year marks new growth in community awareness and demand.  Most of the events are student recitals for their friends and families, but PianoWorks also hosts concerts, senior recitals, teacher workshops, master classes and many judged competitions like Guild and Festival.

PianoWorks is a community partner for so many music teachers that provides worldclass pianos in a beautiful hall acoustically suitable for recording.  While many visitors sit back, enjoy the show and take the experience for granted, the majority are very appreciative of the time, work and financial support that goes into creating such a facility.

To those piano teachers who haven’t yet called for Spring ’10 bookings, there are still dates available.  Don’t get left out.  The PianoWorks staff will be happy to help you plan your next event.

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