Samick Music Corp. CEO Baik Lee visits PianoWorks, now a Seiler Gallery Dealer

Last Saturday, Baik Lee, CEO of Samick Music Corporation visited PianoWorks to discuss our growth as a Seiler Gallery Dealer and the long-term strategy for Seiler Pianos in Atlanta.  For years, PianoWorks has partnered with SMC to bring their premium brands to our customers.  When Knabe represented their premium brand, we represented their Artist-series grand and upright pianos.  Today, Seiler is SMC’s premium German brand, making them a perfect fit with our other European brands:  Bösendorfer, Estonia & Grotrian.

Seiler Pianos are among the world’s best and oldest piano makers, founded in 1849.  They continue to build traditional, hand-crafted grand and upright pianos in Kitzingen, Germany using the best European woods and German components.  These instruments represent a great value among the elite German brands, but not every customer is ready or able to make the significant investment in a true, hand-built instrument.  Ursula Seiler, 6th generation in the piano business, recognized this and choose to partner with SMC to bring more of Seiler’s designs to todays value-driven buyer.  Seiler has always made instruments for both professionals and students – combining SMC’s modern CNC manufacturing with Seiler’s award-winning designs creates better value.  This unique approach brings the beauty of Seiler’s instruments into more homes, more teaching studios, more churches and more performance venues.

This year, PianoWorks has become a Seiler Gallery Dealer.  Our commitment to Seiler, Eduard Seiler & Johannes Seiler brand pianos offers our customers better selection, a better-trained sales staff for a better shopping experience, and ongoing training for expert service.  We thank Mr. Baik Lee for his vision and support of our commitment to offer better instruments to our customers.

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