Red Clay Music Foundry Grand Opening

The Red Clay Theater in Duluth, home of Eddie Owens Presents, has now transformed into the Red Clay Music Foundry.  This new collaborative effort brings veteran musicians together with young artists and beginner students in a unique environment.  With this focus on live music and lessons in downtown Duluth, PianoWorks and Halun USA decided to support this effort.

Two years ago when Eddie Owens Presents to residence in the Red Clay Theater, PianoWorks & Hailun USA worked to bring in a grand piano for all of the local & national artists lining up to play.  The Hailun grand piano was a key piece to the venue’s attraction.  Eddie Owen brought in the musicians and Red Clay breathed new life, but this was only the beginning.  Decades before, Eddie’s vision began from his years working with so many musicians for a place that would foster collaboration between artists.  With the Red Clay Music Foundry, combining a music school with a performance venue has created that nexus in our community in downtown Duluth.

With established partners Gwinnett School of Music and Camp Jam, and numerous sponsors like PianoWorks and Hailun USA, the Music Foundry was built.  Upstairs is the main stage, right on main street.  Downstairs is the music school, recording labs and collaborative spaces where artists can come to learn life skills (like writing a P&L statement) as well as music skills.  PianoWorks and Hailun USA are also supplying Hailun pianos for piano and vocal lessons as part of the music school.  Hailun pianos, now 2-time reigning “Acoustic Piano Line of the Year” will foster musicians on stage and in studios at the Red Clay Music Foundry.

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