Mr. Hailun Chen of Hailun Pianos Visits PianoWorks

Last Thursday, PianoWorks was greeted by a surprise visitor.  Perhaps not a total surprise, but we had only 4 days to prepare for Mr. Hailun Chen of Hailun Pianos.  We were also joined by May Wang, Hailun’s Vice President of Exports, and a small cadre of business attorneys.  He’s preparing for an IPO in China, I’m pleased to say his visit to our showroom will have played a small role in the future growth of Hailun Pianos worldwide.  Though not pictured, we were also visited by Lauren Wallace, Vice President of Hailun USA.  When possible, several of our customers made a point to attend and meet the chairman and founder.

The performers for our upcoming event, End of Summer, Back to Piano Concert, also stopped by.  Larry Barker and Julie Ye join Hailun Chen in front of the chosen instrument, a 7’2″ Hailun model 218 semi-concert grand piano.  This Free concert is Saturday, August 20 @ 6:00 pm.

I was most delighted to see customers that most recently purchased new Hailun grand pianos.  We took the opportunity to request that Mr. Chen autograph their chosen pianos for these fortunate customers.  David & Peggy McCleskey selected a Hailun grand piano for the Gwinnett Hospital Extended Care Center (part of Gwinnett Medical Center) to bring joy to the many patients and their long days of treatment.  The McCleskey’s gave this generous gift of music, including a self-playing system on the piano.

The Williams family also selected a Hailun grand piano to nurture the musical education of their son.  I learned that these were the first ever requests to sign customer pianos for Hailun Chen.  Looking back, this will mark a great day for those able to attend.

In our business, we often have the opportunity to meet with the people responsible for our fine pianos.  It is rare, however, to host one of the world’s larger manufacturers in our showroom.  Hailun Pianos is not only an important manufacturer, but they are also growing.  We thank everyone for attending.

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