Green Piano Lamps: California’s Title 20 Update

Normally, an update like this doesn’t merit commentary.  More of our piano lamps are now considered “Green” in California.  This is good for our customers and vendors alike.  We are pleased because it seems, for now, logic is gaining ground in legislation.  Three cheers!

Many House of Troy LED lamps were briefly listed as non-compliant with the new California Title 20.  Now, apparently, they are okay again.  At the root of this problem must have been failed communication between scientists and legislators or legislators and manufacturers.  We commend them for arriving at a solution.  Basic science tells us that LED lights are much more energy efficient than old technology and should be included in energy-saving mandates.  We don’t know how the problem was solved.  We don’t know if the lamps were re-tested, the restrictions were improved or if it was simply a clerical error.  And sometimes this is how things seem to work, for better or worse.

So the great Oz said, “LED is not good enough,” but just 11 days later he commanded “Send LED piano lamps to earnest customers everywhere!”

That only leaves first generation CFL lamps like House of Troy P10-191-61C on our restricted in California list.  Sorry Californians; it is a lovely style.  Back to the drawing board.

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