GA Baptist Conference – Toccoa selects new Roland Digital Piano

A few weeks ago, I was approached with a complex problem – the Georgia Baptist Conference Center in Toccoa had a baby grand piano that was struggling to serve its original purpose.  A baby grand piano had resided in a large, multi-purpose space for many years.  The space had its challenges.  First, it was carpeted with a high ceilings and most often located toward the middle of a round room – more than that piano could acoustically handle.  Second, it was never practical to maintain the space at the ideal, stable environmental conditions that a piano requires.  This problem was compounded by its rural location and limited access to piano technicians.  We were given the choice of repairing the fatigued piano or proposing another solution that was still cost effective.  I arranged for them to audition the newest Roland Digital Piano, LX-10F to see their reaction.

Repairing the baby grand they bought years ago seemed futile when going back into the same situation, however I have a strong preference for acoustic pianos.  Nothing yet delivers the way a great acoustic piano will, but we had to face the facts that no acoustic piano would stay great without the right care.  The Roland LX-10F just seemed better prepared to live in the space, making no special maintenance demands.  The Roland cabinet is also very attractive; built to look like a studio upright piano, it satisfies the visual need as well.  The ultimate test was performance, of course.  Here the Roland fared better than any purist would imagine.  I won’t go into the tech specs here, but lets just say that Roland understands and delivers what pianists want in stunning fashion.  My generation is a little numb to technological, electronic marvels.  What stirred me about this Roland is my own experience, my ability to sink into the instrument and forget I’m playing a digital.

The Roland auditioned well and was delivered just in time for its first real test at the 2010 Geogia Baptist History Conference last weekend.  George Houston of the Georgia Baptist Historical Commission greeted us when we arrived, and today I learned the weekend reviews were great.  On Friday evening, the centerpiece program was Legacy of Praise: Worship Through MusicPianist David Carnes was on hand and he loved the new Roland.  He confessed that he greatly preferred it to his studio digital (of another famous brand) and the audience loved his music.  And between the various musicians, the audience mingled to the digital library on board.  Pianists are now invited to come record on the piano and add to that library for future use.

I believe this was the right instrument for the right purpose, an example of good problem solving, and as our relationship grows, another happy customer.

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