Bösendorfer Imperial Makes The Long Journey Home

At the end of 2013, we captured the final leg of this Bösendorfer piano’s long journey home on video.  The final leg required a crane to get this 9’6″ long, 5’6″ wide, 1,250+ lbs monster into a second floor condominium in Atlanta.  PianoWorks and Superior Rigging joined forces to reunite this finest of concert grands with its loving owner.

This Bösendorfer made an incredible journey. Originally purchased in Atlanta decades ago, the piano later traveled across the country to the coast of Washington state where it resided on a small island. To return home to Atlanta required a 4×4 truck, a Uhaul, a ferry, an 18 wheeler, our delivery truck and finally a crane to lift it to an upper floor condo. Before the piano was delivered, we were tasked to refurbish and service the instrument. It’s a joyous homecoming.

“This was the most amazing move of my Bösendorfer Imperial in all of its journeys: from the thriving international arts world of Atlanta and my days with the ASO to the gorgeous San Juan Islands and back again over a 40 year period. It has a wonderful history in my home, having been played over the years by dear artist friends, Claudio Arrau, Garrick Ohlsson, Emanuel Ax, Lili Kraus and many others. It began it’s life in Atlanta giving many chamber music concerts with my ASO colleagues and friends. Now, with it once again staring me in the face, it’s time to get practicing again. Many thanks to PianoWorks for their wonderful reconditioning and superb care, and to Superior Rigging for the entrancing, balletic and graceful delivery through my second floor balcony.” – Micheal Palmer, conductor for Georgia State University Symphony Orchestra.

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