Bosendorfer Execs Visit PianoWorks

In late May, PianoWorks was pleased to welcome nine members of Bosendorfer and Yamaha’s management team to visit our showroom and restoration facility here in Atlanta.  Yamaha proudly acquired Bosendorfer Piano Company in 2008 and has slowly and carefully incorporated their distribution management team.  Bosendorfer dealers will now have greater access to representatives, to parts supplies, and to Artist services though Yamaha’s larger organization.  Among the visitors were Bosendorfer’s current CEO Brian Kemble, the former CEO Yoshichika Sakai, also Bob Heller, Yamaha’s National Sales Director of Piano Division as well as other key members of the distribution team.

[Sam Bennett, Brian Kemble, Don Bennett, Yoshichika Sakai, Masaya Furuta around the Bosendorfer model 280 Concert Grand Piano in PianoWorks’ Recital Hall]

We see a strong future for Bosendorfer in Atlanta, throughout the U.S. and around the world.

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