August 1st Arrives: Piano Teachers Line up for Spring Recital Bookings

August 1st is an important date for local piano teachers.  It marks the day when we open our calendar for the following Spring to book PianoWorks Recital Hall.  Every year, our recital hall is chosen for hundreds of events including piano student recitals, concerts, master classes, piano teacher workshops, student auditions, student exams, winners’ recitals, and increasingly film and recording projects.  While these events mark the calendar throughout the year, Spring is traditionally the busiest time for piano student recitals.

Friends and family join each student in our 120 seat hall to hear their practiced pieces, celebrate music, and mark the passing year’s progress.  With so many area teachers wanting their first choice for the prized times, signup day has become an unusual event.  We open early (8:30 am this year) to give first priority to teachers who line up.  Phone bookings begin with our regular hours at 10:00 am, but only after all in-person bookings are complete.  We offer refreshments to the teachers at signup.

Interestingly, we learn that the line begins to form in the parking earlier this year.  Last year’s first-in-line showed up early again this year at 4:00 am only to find out she was 4th in line.  We hope their students appreciate these dedicated teachers and the extra sleep they give up to get the most convenient Spring recital times.

There are still Spring recital times available, so please contact us to host your next piano event.  Take a virtual tour of our facility even before you visit.

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