Holiday Gift Idea For Pianists: House of Troy Piano Lamps

With this year’s holiday season fast approaching, we are all mindful of our budget.  Even fiscal conservatives wish to make generous gifts to loved ones, but thoughtful gifts are at a premium over lavish ones.  When considering the pianist in your life, buy them a light for their piano and they will always remember you.  Piano lamps give necessary reading light for sheet music just like a favorite book, and House of Troy builds the best.

Not only is a piano light a helpful gift, it is a long-lasting gift.
Not many gifts will be seen and used so often.  Your gift will become
part of their experience every time they sit down to play their
favorite music.  Music may change, but it never goes out of style.

Truthfully, not enough people consider light for their music in the same way they light their favorite reading spot.  Whether you read the paper at the breakfast table (where you probably have bright overhead lighting) or a cozy book nook you will make sure you have the light you need to avoid eyestrain.  Reading music is the same, and for a piano, lighting is all about getting the proper reach.  As simple as a lamp is, the right light can make all the difference.

House of Troy makes many kinds of lamps and lights including specialty lighting.  They are an industry leader for proper lighting of artwork, quality desk lamps and of course, piano lamps.  Their upright piano lamps come in a variety of styles not only for the right look, but also for the right style of piano, even digital pianos!

Grand and baby grand pianos provide a different problem of reach.  House of Troy offers both Clip-On lamps which attach directly to the music desk and Balance Arm lamps which set neatly on the the music desk’s side.

They also make long arm piano floor lamps that work for both piano types.

Contact us about fulfilling this year’s list with the right piano lamp.

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