We Cultivate Customers By Cultivating Musicians: One Example

This last Monday, PianoWorks hosted yet another function for the local music community.  Many young pianists get their training through the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), a popular curriculum that is growing in our area.  At the end of each grade level is an official exam for the students to pass in order to advance.  Much hard work goes into these exams and we provide both space and performance level pianos for the students.  On Monday, the students tested on Bosendorfer and Schimmel pianos.

We hear often that our pianos and the environment we provide really gives piano teachers confidence that their students will be able to perform.  Many of the students are too nervous to comment on the pianos, but they keep coming back.  One of the last exams of the day was for a nice young man ready to move from grade 5 to 6.  While waiting, he, his mother and sister engaged us about several of our pianos.  The mother asked Chad, “So which is the very best?”  Chad directed them over to a Bosendorfer model 225 semi-concert grand and after just a few minutes with the piano, they were full of questions.  I obliged to continue the tour and open the discussion to more pianos because I believe that “which is the best?” is a truly subjective question.  The best for many people is Bosendorfer, and there is rarely any argument that another builder might be better.  Mostly, I like to talk about fine pianos, celebrate their differences, and turn the question of good, better, best into one of “so which do you like?”

They really liked the Bosedorfer pianos as well as others.  We had a great time.  I also had my video camera handy.  We were not allowed to video the actual exam, but afterward, they came back into the showroom and I recorded the exam pieces for mom.  Here is one of them.

Not to be left out, his younger sister also played.  It was very sweet to see her fearless in front of such a large instrument.

At mom’s request, I published these for family and friends.  I look forward to helping them select a truly fine instrument when they are ready.

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