Casio Privia Digital Pianos: Yes, I sell them…for many great reasons.


Whenever I look over our showroom floor, I am constantly making evaluations.  One key to PianoWorks’ success is our commitment to offering high value products for our customers.  Sometimes this means hard choices, but our addition of Casio Privia digital pianos was an easy choice.

We service, repair and restore acoustic pianos; that’s who we are.  While we believe that digital pianos cannot replace the experience of a quality acoustic piano, digital pianos have a lot to offer.  Their value as starter pianos, as portable pianos and as tools for digital music cannot be ignored, but now I fast forward to our choice of Casio.

Several years ago, we decided to enter the digital piano market.  I went to NAMM, the music industry’s largest trade show,  with a mission; I went to find the best digital pianos to be starter pianos.  I compiled a list of necessary features from several piano teachers but then I shopped like one of our more educated customers might.  I wanted the right features, high reliability, a good sound, and a low price.  I ran around for two days and played every digital there.  I shopped rather than looking at sales figures, market share or profit margin.  I took my task seriously.  You might buy one.  I was going to buy many in the coming years.

There are sooo many digital pianos out there.  There were more than a dozen brands that I’d never heard of and nearly everybody makes a good product.  There were some brands that had great sound but deficient feel.  There were some that had amazing features but would not be accessible starter pianos.  Casio emerged.  There were several other brands that had all the right features but fell short of the Casio in either reliability, technology, and consistantly in price.  Casio offered the most important features for the least amount of money.  I think that is one of the listed definitions of Value.

Just a few weeks ago, we received the next installment of Casio Privia digital pianos, the PX-130 and the PX-330.  I sold the first PX-130 before it even arrived to a very excited adult beginner.  I sold two of the PX-330’s before they arrived, one to a friend and local piano teacher, the other to my aunt, a music minister.  I believe in my products.  I sold the entire first shipment including the floor demos within two weeks.  We’re not Best Buy, these things are fantastic.  I pre-sold another before my next shipment arrived to a very excited parent.  If you are in the market, go try one.

The highlights for the Privia digital pianos include 88-notes in a scaled-weighted feel (like the real thing), great piano sounds (as well as others), very light weight (PX-130 is just 25 lbs.), and for our most popular offering, a great integrated stand and 3 pedals package making it look and work like a console.  Add USB connectivity and some standard digital piano offerings (like built-in metronome) and the value is the best out there.
Reprinted with permission

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