I find that customers walk into our store with all types of attitudes and expectations.  Many are excited about the prospect of buying a wonderful instrument, but almost as many are reluctant to get started for several reasons.  Let’s face it, good quality pianos are expensive, and how you go about choosing the right one is a mystery for most of us.  This leads to apprehension, feeling foolish about your questions or even fear of being taken advantage of.  But I have good news for customers who walk into our store.  Not only to we have a great variety of pianos, but the experience you will have here will be helpful whether or not your final selection is one of our pianos.

In order to put our customers at ease, we focus on education.  I like to find out what my customers background, experience and assumptions are and then fill in the details.  If you come in blind, we are happy to start your introduction to pianos.  This isn’t a lecture; you will see, touch and compare pianos as you learn.  I worked as an elementary school teacher while in college, so don’t be afraid to ask the “stupid questions.”  I think good educators are inherently entertaining.

The goal here is to help you make music, to problem solve with the many resources that we have after a lifetime devoted to the business, and to find the right instrument.  For myself, I take the role of teacher and matchmaker which gives me pride in my business.

If your desire is to better appreciate the variety of instruments, we can cover that.  If you are more interested in learning about the inner workings, we can tour our restoration facility and see nearly every stage of piano building.  We’ve even had piano teachers arrange field trips for their students.  And if you have limited time to shop, we can fast forward your process.  We know what we’re doing and nearly all our business is direct referrals from satisfied customers, piano teachers, and technicians who trust us to take care of their customers.  You may drive by a piano store on your way to work or hear an ad on the radio, but when you ask the people you trust, see what they say about PianoWorks.

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