PianoWorks in the Community: Spring 2010

We do many things to help support the piano community, and I think we make an impact.  We recently joined Facebook to better share our business because we really do have a lot going on.  We support community events like Gwinnett Piano Ensemble, we host meetings for the Piano Technicians Guild, but I also notice as I spend time with our friends on Facebook just how many have pictures in our store, at our pianos, and at our events as moments important to their lives.

Last weekend was the Gwinnett Piano Ensemble Concert held at Lawrenceville Church of God…

Not long ago, I got an interesting phone call.  A local teacher had booked a photographer for her and her fiance.  They wanted to have part of that session here at PianoWorks because the piano is so central to who she is.  The photos, taken in our performance hall, turned out wonderful.

As I make more friends on Facebook with our customers and area teachers, I see so many photos from the hundreds of recitals we host every year.  I’m proud of our role in creating positive memories for so many people.

It is not uncommon for a piano store to host a local chapter meeting of the Piano Technicians Guild; we usually host a couple each year.  We often host these meetings in our Restoration facility which provides interesting opportunities for technical programs at these meetings.

Much of our impact on our community is hard to measure.  Not long ago I captured a video of one of our customers visiting our store and just playing pianos for his pleasure.  We’re always flattered when our customers remember us and stop by to visit.  Not all of them are as talented as Dr. Sarzen, but they are working at it!

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