North Dekalb MTA Sonatina/Sonata Competition Wrap-up


This afternoon, PianoWorks hosted the Winners Recital from the North Dekalb Rachel Howard Sonatina/Sonata Competion.  Yesterday we hosted the actual competition…272 contestants, 6 judges, over 20 volunteer piano teachers as organizers and many supporting parents and family members steadily came from 8 am to 7 pm.  Here’s a big round of applause for the hard work of all the competitors and the many devoted teachers.  Thank you to the volunteers and supporting families.

The overall turnout was great, surprising even.  This is the third installment of this biannual event, and the event grew almost 60% from two years ago.  This was a good competition as well.  Top prize for the advanced group was $400 of the appoximately $3,000 in total awards.  In the spirit of the day, PianoWorks added a drawing for $350 worth of door prizes.

North Dekalb Music Teachers Association did a great job of stretching the small entry fee.  Other than the cost of the judges and supplies (awards, signs, applications, etc.) they kept the organizing costs down.  PianoWorks provided the facilities, 6 judging rooms, 4 freshly tuned grand pianos and 2 upright pianos and a few warm-up instruments + registration & waiting areas.  In addition to our staff, the piano teachers came through with at least 10 teachers “on duty” at all times.  This allowed the judges to award about 75% of the budget in prize money.  Make no mistake, the checks awarded helped motivate the competitors as evidenced by the proud smiles on the winners’ faces.

I witnessed many performances this weekend, and these kids worked hard at their music.  I find this wonderful and reassuring to see these values passed on.

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