We conduct a thorough selection, inspection and preparation so that our Pre-Owned Yamaha pianos are the best used Yamaha pianos available. Customers in Atlanta and beyond have discovered that our high standards uncover used Yamaha grand and upright pianos in the best condition. Used Yamaha pianos this good are always in limited supply, so make an appointment today and visit our showroom in NE Atlanta.

  • Yamaha 5’8″ model C2 (2000) with Silent Play

    Yamaha 5'8" model C2 (2000) with Silent Play
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    Yamaha 5’8″ model C2 (2000) with Silent Play

    Pre-owned Yamaha model C2 grand piano for sale in excellent condition.  The 5’8″ model C2 is the most popular size from Yamaha’s Conservatory series.  Suitable for living rooms or music studios, this piano offers full tone, excellent control, and fine build quality that Yamaha is known for.  Made in Japan in 2000, this piano has been well cared for and regularly serviced.

    This piano also features Yamaha’s Silent Play system.  This system allows you to play the piano normally, and then with a simple lever, convert the piano to silent play with headphones.  This convenient feature allows you to practice day or night without disturbing your household.  This system also offers MIDI output so that it can connect to your computer just like modern digital pianos.  This acoustic hybrid piano offers the best of both in one complete package.

    If new, MSRP for the equivalent model from Yamaha is $48,499.


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