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Yamaha 6’3″ Model S4 (1998) – Rare, Handcrafted

Attention Yamaha fans!  We have a wonderful, rare Yamaha S4 grand piano.  Originally built in Japan in 1998, this gently-used piano has been refurbished to like-new condition.  Many musicians are familiar with Yamaha pianos, but the S-series grands were handcrafted by Yamaha’s most talented piano builders, just like their concert grands.  At 6’3″ long, this is a piano you can enjoy in your home, recording studio, or chapel.

If New, MSRP on the equivalent Yamaha model is $77,999 (The Piano Buyer, Fall 2019 – Larry Fine).

Includes new adjustable bench, 5 year Parts & Labor warranty.

Brand: Yamaha

Price: $29999


Yamaha pianos have always been associated with consistency, reliability, familiar to millions of musicians around the world. The Yamaha S4 is just one model that was inspired by Yamaha’s desire to challenge the most exclusive European & American brands for pure performance.

The development of the S-series goes back to the 1980’s. The S4 is the second generation design and predecessor of the current CF4. Recently, Yamaha brought back the S-series (S3x, S5x, S7x) as step-up versions of the successful, but more efficiently manufactured C-series. There’s nothing quite like a handcrafted piano in its ability to be smoother, more colorful, more responsive, and more beautiful.

With the S4, Yamaha clearly brought together influences from many different, successful piano makers from around the world before generating their own, new design. Among them, Steinway’s influence on the design is the inclusion of the cast iron “bell” that can be seen from underneath. Today, another maker that incorporates a cast iron bell in some of their designs is famed Italian maker, Fazioli.

Upon inspection, the differences in the S4 begin to add up. The thicker rim, sand-cast plate, unique hammers, and so on, all serve to broaden and deepen Yamaha’s signature sound. It’s the better version of the sound you already know and love.


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