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Shigeru Kawai 7’6″ model SK-7 (2019)

PianoWorks loves to bring you the rare and wonderful, including this like-new Shigeru Kawai SK-7. At 7’6″ long, this semi-concert grand is suitable for all types of professional use including recording. This piano is very intimate, performing well even in a smaller space like a living room and yet will still carry a small hall. Shigeru Kawai represents the very best Japanese craftsmanship. Purchased new in November 2019, this piano has almost 8 years remaining on its original, transferable warranty.

If New, Suggested Retail Price for this piano is $111,795 (The Piano Buyer, Fall 2021 – Larry Fine).

Includes matching hydraulic adjustable bench.

Brand: Kawai

Price: $64999


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