full view of pre-owned Hailun H-5P upright piano
full view of pre-owned Hailun H-5P upright piano view of keyboard, pre-owned Hailun H-5P upright piano view of hammers & tuning pins, pre-owned Hailun H-5P upright piano view of strings & action, pre-owned Hailun H-5P upright piano

Hailun 50″ model H-5P (2013)

Pre-Owned Hailun professional upright piano for sale.  This 50″ model H-5P was original sold new in 2013.  Featuring numerous quality upgrades and innovations, the Hailun H-5P is one of the best upright pianos made in Asia.  This is a pristine example that PianoWorks sold and serviced since new.  The tone is full, dynamic, expressive and genuinely impressive.  The deep bass outshines even 52″ Japanese competitors.

Includes matching adjustable bench, 5 year PianoWorks warranty, as well as 4+ years of original manufacturers warranty.


Brand: Hailun

Price: $5699


Hailun’s H-5P (sometimes referred to as HU-5P) features numerous design and build quality upgrades rarely found in upright pianos even for a higher price.

  • Agraffes (common in grands, these precision milled brass string terminations improve tone, tuning, stability, durability and consistency across the piano scale.)
  • cast aluminum key bed (important for not only the piano keys, but also the piano action…the cast aluminum does not warp or change over time)
  • full perimeter cast iron frame (increased rigidity improves dynamic range, tuning stability, overall longevity of the instrument)
  • Plated internal hardware (better protection than typical painted hardware against corrosion, looks better, too)
  • Upgraded Capo terminations (milled metal inserts are more consistent than cast iron and come in varying hardness to best match the scale design, also improves longevity by reducing string wear)
  • Solid or Laminate wood construction, the model H-5P does not contain particle board (unlike Japanese competitors that regularly use particle board in elements of construction)


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