keyboard of Bösendorfer model 200
keyboard of Bösendorfer model 200 full view of pre-owned Bösendorfer model 200 Bösie_200_50666_inside 12 Bösie_200_50666_tenor 12 view of treble strings in Bösendorfer model 200 bass strings in Bösendorfer model 200 controller for QRS PNOscan

Bösendorfer 6’7″ model 200 (2016)

Visit us to see and try this flawless, virtually unplayed pre-owned Bösendorfer grand piano.  This 6’7″ model 200 was ordered new in late 2016, and it looks and plays the same as the day it was delivered.  Handmade in Vienna, fewer than 375 Bösendorfer pianos are crafted each year.  These treasured instruments are difficult to find so young and so perfect.

This pre-owned Bösendorfer model 200 is an excellent representation of one of Bösendorfer’s most successful and established designs.  Known for their exquisite tone and intuitive actions, a Bösendorfer is a musician’s best friend.  Even among fine pianos, Bösendorfer consistently sets their pianos apart.

This instrument was ordered with a QRS PNOscan optical record system for in-town living ($3,000 value).  With the pull of a lever, you can plug in headphones and practice discreetly anytime, day or night.  The optical record strip offers MIDI recording all without altering or compromising the piano’s performance in any way.

Includes original matching artist bench, 5 year PianoWorks warranty.  Save $$$$ with this rare opportunity.

Brand: Bösendorfer

Price: $94999


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