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Bösendorfer 6’7″ model 200 (1991)

Another beautiful find from the people at PianoWorks, this pre-owned Bösendorfer model 200 is in outstanding condition.  Bösendorfer pianos are known around the world to have the very finest craftsmanship.  Built in Vienna, Austria for generations, inspired by the Classical masters, a piano just doesn’t get any better.

If New, MSRP for this piano is $155,999.

Brand: Bösendorfer

Price: $55999


Since 1828, Bösendorfer has represent the very best in the Viennese tradition of piano building.  And as the best, they have outlasted almost every other piano maker, innovating from within, while always respecting the unique traditions of the founders.

Bösendorfer grand pianos are fundamentally different in how they are constructed from all other makers today.  The resonating box principle found in many stringed instruments is also present in their grands, and it requires their obsessive attention to all levels of building, from the selection and drying of the wood (typically in excess of 5 years), to the precision of the fit in the rim, to creating their own standards for moving parts and all aspects of the tone.  The more clients learn about Bösendorfer, the more they are impressed.

This model 200 has been a perennial favorite design for over a century.  In the time of parlor grands, this piano stood out for its range, subtlety, color, power, as well as longevity.  This refined design is still made today.


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