Bechstein_C232_177812_front2 Bechstein_C232_177812_keyboard2 Bechstein_C232_177812_soundboard Bechstein_C232_177812_plate2 Bechstein_C232_177812_plate1 Bechstein_C232_177812_plate-detail Bechstein_C232_177812_pins Bechstein_C232_177812_bass Bechstein_C232_177812_pedals Bechstein_C232_177812_bench

Bechstein, C. 7’3″ Model C221 (1985)

For generations, C.Bechstein pianos have maintained their elite reputation for performance and quality.  Made in Berlin, Germany, they reside in concert halls, recording studios and conservatories around the world, yet are fairly rare in our part of the world.  This piano was previously owned by a professional musician that took excellent care of it.  We refreshed the piano with new strings, plate felts, damper felts, key bushings, Bechstein hammers & shanks, and a performance re-balance of the action.  Visit us to play one of the “best-of-the-best” competitors of Bösendorfer, Blüthner, Fazioli, and Hamburg Steinway at a great value.

Brand: C.Bechstein

Price: $46999


This instrument still has perfect, original one-piece ivory keytops.  Includes matching artist bench and 5 Year Parts & Labor warranty.

If New, Suggested Retail price for this instrument is over $210,000 (The Piano Buyer – Larry Fine).


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