Yamaha model G1 full view
Yamaha model G1 full view Yam_G1J_2960645_keyboard 12 Yam_G1J_2960645_inside 12 Yam_G1J_2960645_tenor 12 Yam_G1J_2960645_model 12 Yam_G1J_2960645_plate 12 Yam_G1J_2960645_bridge 12 Yam_G1J_2960645_bass 12 Yam_G1J_2960645_pedals 12 Yam_G1J_2960645_bench 12 Yam_G1J_2960645_action-side 12

Yamaha 5’3″ model G1 (1979)

This classic Yamaha baby grand is one of the pianos that helped build their reputation.  At 5’3″ in length, the Yamaha model G1 is comfortable in most living rooms or music rooms.  Made in Japan in 1979, this all original Yamaha has been carefully refurbished to attain its original beauty and performance.

When new, the Yamaha model G1 was Yamaha’s highest grade of baby grand piano, and the design is a predecessor of the current model C1x.

Brand: Yamaha

Price: $9299


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