pre-owned Yamaha A1 baby grand for sale
pre-owned Yamaha A1 baby grand for sale front of Yamaha model A1L Yam_A1_6115806_plate 12 Yamaha model A1L Yam_A1_6115806_tenor 12 inside Yamaha A1 baby grand piano Yam_A1_6115806_pedals 12

Yamaha 5′ model A1 (2005)

PianoWorks is delighted to bring you another hard-to-find model from the popular brand, Yamaha.  This pre-owned Yamaha model A1L baby grand piano was made in Japan in 2005.  The A1L is vastly upgraded from their normal 5′ models, raising the level of play to that of their Conservatory series.  Other 5′ Yamaha models like the GA1, GB1 & GB1K are built in Indonesia with adequate performance, but are missing the added depth, range and color found in this A1L from Japan.  Designed for discerning pianists, just with a small space, the A1L represents many of the best aspects of Yamaha’s manufacturing.  This musically superior baby grand from Yamaha may be just what you are looking for.

If New, MSRP would be $29,999.

Includes small adjustable bench, 5 year PianoWorks parts & labor warranty.

Brand: Yamaha

Price: $12999


Bearing many similarities to Yamaha’s Conservatory Series grand pianos, the model A1 could be referred to as the C0.  Musical, lyrical & dependable, this pre-owned Yamaha baby grand is a great find.


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