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May Berlin by Schimmel 5’4″ model M162T (2009)

PianoWorks is delighted to present this pre-owned baby grand piano in excellent condition.  This 5’4″ May Berlin model M162T was made in partnership with Schimmel in 2009 along with one of the largest manufacturers in Asia.  Very well made to Schimmel’s specifications, overseen by Schimmel’s expert technicians, this piano has a rich and subtle character rarely found in other pianos built in Asia.

Visit us to experience this wonderful piano for yourself.

If New, the equivalent model has MSRP of $28,690 (The Piano Buyer, Fall 2022).

Includes matching adjustable bench, 5 year PianoWorks warranty.

Brand: Schimmel

Price: $9399


At 5’4″ in length, this pre-owned baby grand piano from Schimmel will fit in nearly any room, yet have enough presence and bass response for more demanding musical repertoire.  The May Berlin model M162T has an elegant polish ebony finish, solid spruce soundboard, German hammers, a smooth & responsive touch, and a warm yet still clear tone.


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