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Schimmel 6’3″ Nikolaus W. Schimmel Edition K189NWS with QRS player system

This pre-owned Nikolaus W. Schimmel Edition grand was made in 2007 and is one of the finest pianos you will ever play.  This stunning art case piano is also equipped with an upgraded QRS Pianomation III wireless player system.

Brand: Schimmel

Price: $39999


Piano connoisseurs know that so many of the best piano are made in Germany. This rare, Nikolaus W. Schimmel Edition was made by Schimmel in Brunswick, Germany to the very highest standards of design, materials and craftsmanship. The Konzert series remains their flagship line today.

This Nikolaus W. Schimmel – designated K189NWS – was made in only 2 sizes: 6’3″ and 7′. Production was limited to just 10 of each size per year. These instruments also featured numerous internal design upgrades beyond the art case exterior.

The art case is both elegant and masculine. Classical column legs and lyre offer perfect proportions with the soft curves of the piano. Pommele wood (nicknamed “pillow mahogany”) with pear wood inlays grace the fallboard, underside of the lid, and line the inner rim. A gold and black harp completes the look, with exquisite details everywhere you look.

The instrument is a pure joy to play. The sound is clear and colorful, the dynamic range is huge, and the action is easily one of the most consistent and controllable when compared to any maker.

This instrument is also equipped with a QRS Pianomation III player system. This is the latest upgrade to wireless playback and access to a huge library, including 1 full year of unlimited use.

Includes matching leather artist bench.


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