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Schimmel 6’3″ Model K189TE (2004)

For many years, Schimmel has been the best-selling German piano in the US.  In the early 2000’s, Schimmel took their designs and their pianos even further to compete with the very finest brands in the world with the introduction of the Konzert series.  This Schimmel model K189TE was made in Germany in 2004.  K – Konzert Series.  189 – 189cm long (6’3″).  TE – Traditional Exquisite, a.k.a. Royal.  These amazing designs offer the pianist endless tonal colors, and the precision action give complete mastery over the instrument.  There are so many glowing things to say about this very fine grand piano.

The condition really is like-new.  Originally sold by PianoWorks, we also serviced and nurtured this piano since new. 

If New, MSRP on this piano is $94,558 (The Piano Buyer, Fall 2019 – Larry Fine).

Includes matching adjustable bench, 5 Year Parts & Labor warranty.

Brand: Schimmel

Price: $33495


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