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PianoWorks Testimonials


I absolutely love my new Estonia piano!  Chris and Evan arrived around 9:30 and they were in and out in a flash.  I thought it would take much longer for the set-up process, but they obviously have done this before!

I've done nothing but play since they left.  I honestly think the piano sounds better in my living room than in the store.  And although I was a bit concerned about the touch, I think it's perfect now that I've played it for 3 hours straight.  (It didn't take long to get that digital touch out of my system!).

After Gary left for work, I started working on the Rachmaninoff piece.  It's been a long time since I've "practiced", but I've fallen back into it very easily already. And I'm confident that my playing will improve again with regular practice (although I will never be nearly as good as you no matter how much I practice!).  Playing the piano brings a calmness to me that I find hard to put into words.  I'm sure you can relate.

I feel very lucky to have met you during my search for the perfect piano. Thank you so much for your knowledge, appreciation of fine musical instruments, and exceptional talent.  Whether you realize it or not, you brought tears to my eyes last week when you played my Estonia.  There's a back story there that maybe I'll share with you sometime when I come in the store to buy some more music.

Thanks again for all of your help!  Hope you and your family have a great weekend!


Dear Don,

I am proud to report that the NCMTA [North Carolina Music Teachers Association] Conference was a fantastic success. I could not have done it without Gabe, Kim, and you who worked so diligently to make our pianos sound their best.  I especially want to thank you for your company's work on the [Steinway] D in the hall.  The piano has been transformed and is now a joy to play.

I look forward to sending you three more pianos this summer! [Mars Hill previously used PianoWorks restoration services to rebuild two of their pianos]

Best wishes,

Teresa Sumpter, Ph.D
Chair, Department of Music
Coordinator of Keyboard Studies
Mars Hill University

Dear Don and Sam,

I want to thank you for the excellent service I received at PianoWorks. I am thrilled with the Estonia Hidden Beauty I purchased in your shop. It is everything I could want in a piano. The tone is beautiful and captivating in all registers and the action is wonderfully responsive. The Estonia brand was not on my radar when I was considering trading in my Steinway M so I consider myself fortunate that you introduced me to this wonderful piano. It will enrich my days for the rest of my life.
Also, I was quite pleased with the way you handled the consignment of my Steinway M. I know that your first rate restoration was the reason that the Steinway sold quickly and at a good price.

We are very lucky to have a piano dealership and restoration facility such as yours right in our own back yard.  Thanks again.

Richard R.

I just love my 1927 Steinway, and I will always be grateful to Harry C. for introducing me to all y'all at PianoWorks.

It's the best non-utilitarian purchase I've ever made on this scale. I was thinking of you, and Don and Cindy and Sam and your craftspeople downstairs when I sat down at my Steinway for the first time today. I thought how wonderful it must be to work with artistic items of such beauty that provide as much pleasure & satisfaction. I intend to be rewarded by it throughout the next 30+ years. It fills all the senses but taste. I am humbled when trying to express my appreciation as I feel that I could never thank you all enough.

But here it is: THANKS.

I'll send this to Harry if you'll pass along it along to the Bennetts and the ones who brought it back to life for me in the downstairs workshop. It's a beautiful instrument stunningly restored, and I am obviously very happy with it.

Mary C.


The Department of Music at Auburn University has benefited from the
expertise and skills of personnel at  PianoWorks with several rebuilt
concert and studio pianos, as well as new purchases.  We have been
extremely pleased with the quality, durability, tone, and action of
these pianos.  The service and value accompanying all of our rebuilding
work and purchases have been outstanding.  We look forward to continuing
our very successful relationship.

Dr. Sara Lynn Baird
Music Department Chair
Auburn University

We feel extremely fortunate to have acquired such a world class instrument for our worship services and concerts. The [Bösendorfer] Imperial Grand's ability to accompany choirs and congregational singing, as well as meet the highest demands of concert artists, is second to none. I am aware of no other piano on today's market that equals the Imperial's strengths in the areas of playability, craftsmanship, and overall meticulous attention to detail. In short, the Imperial may very well be the ultimate expression in both piano design and performance.


Likewise, PianoWorks has been world class in every respect. From initial discussion about our church's needs, to the research on viable instruments, to the selection process, to the delivery, follow up and scheduled tunings, PianoWorks has been there every step of the way. We look forward to continuing our relationship with PianoWorks for many years to come.


S. Bryan Priddy

Director of Music Ministries

Peachtree Presbyterian Church



Dear Cindy & Don,


With a PianoWorks-restored Steinway D sitting in my music room, you know I'm not impressed easily by other pianos. However, I simply can't resist writing to tell you that playing the newly arrived Grotrian Model 192 during my recent visit was a wholly stunning experience. The touch, the tonal colors, the sheer beauty and dynamic range of the sound of the Grotrian took me by complete surprise! What?!! A 6'3" grand that sounds like this?!! Überwältigend!!!! Isn't that German for Awesome? :) 


William Anderson




I absolutely love my new Schimmel piano. The action is responsive to any genre of music I play. The staff of PianoWorks is a delight to work with and will go the extra mile to make sure you choose the right instrument and are satisfied with your purchase.


Eddy Oliver

Music Staff

Mt. Vernon Baptist Church


We wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we are enjoying our new Estonia grand. The sound and action of this piano are just wonderful, and we both feel it sounds even more beautiful at home than it did in your store. We also would like to thank you for a truly superb shopping experience. Until we found PianoWorks, we were a little overwhelmed with the process of searching for a new piano, but from the first time we stepped into your store, we felt very comfortable and right at home. We really feel like we now have friends in the piano business and we would recommend PianoWorks without hesitation.


Tom & Collette Varco



My Vogel grand provides outstanding quality at a very reasonable cost. Its touch, responsiveness, tone, voicing, and beauty are exceptional. The folks at PianoWorks know their instruments and take the time to match you with the piano that fits yours needs.


Kathryn Dawal

Piano Teacher



For many years, I have referred students who are shopping for a great piano at a fair price to PianoWorks. I know Don, Cindy, Sam and the entire PianoWorks "family" are dedicated to serving the best interests of my students. It's been my experience that, at PianoWorks, the focus is on helping people make the decision that's right for their needs and budget.  As I tell my students, 'if you're looking for the best value - defined as quality, selection, price and service - in a fine piano, there's truly only one place to go: PianoWorks.'


Paul Greenberger

Piano Teacher



The College of Music at Florida State University has enjoyed the fine craftsmanship of PianoWorks for quite a few years now. We have sent university pianos to Don Bennett and his dedicated group of artisans for new soundboards, bridges, pinblocks, stringing and case work. We have been particularly pleased with the tonal outcome of these projects. We look forward to continuing our very successful relationship.


Anne Garee

Program Director for Piano Technology

Florida State University College of Music


I could not be more pleased with the restoration of my 1953 Steinway D. Don and his team took an old piano that was, essentially, on life support and not only resuscitated it, they transformed it into a world class instrument.


William Anderson



Seldom does a purchase live up to long-term expectations. Cars quickly become last year’s model, a new house soon becomes lived in, etc. However, the Bösendorfer 225 we purchased a year ago still provides a thrill very similar to the day we first purchased it. We often walk into the living room and simply look at this gorgeous instrument. The joy of owning and playing this piano has not diminished with time and we doubt it ever will.

We are truly blessed to have Pianoworks in this region, offering a selection of beautiful pianos with outstanding customer service.

Chris & Vickie Haley





We are so pleased with our Estonia. I never thought practicing could be such a joy!


Karen & Steve Saari



It has been six months since our beautiful Estonia was delivered and I wanted to share with you how happy we are with our decision to make this wonderful grand part of our home.  The whole experience, from visiting the Piano Works website to having the piano tuned by Joel, has been a pleasure.  I still can't believe that we have such and amazing instrument in our home!

Karl and I had a difficult time navigating the grand piano marketplace.  We were relieved to find a congenial atmosphere and a knowledgeable staff at your store.  Your manner and your selection of quality pianos gave us confidence in our purchase of a lifetime and it is without hesitation that I recommend Piano Works and your technicians to my many student families.  After traveling to the far north side of Atlanta to find your store, what a wonderful surprise to find that your technician for our new piano lives just down the road in Tyrone.  We have received superb service from Joel and look forward to a long association with him as we care for our Estonia together.

Each time we play the Estonia, we are thrilled by the rich, warm sound and wonderful quality fo craftsmanship.  It is a valuable asset to my teaching studio and I enjoy encouraging the best from my students because the instrument supports their efforst.  What a joy for us all!

Thank you as well for the piano dolly for my upright piano.  It has made it easy to put both pianos together and my students are enjoying their exploration of piano ensemble music.  I wish you could have heard our performances of Jingle Bells, two pianos-eight hands!

Karl and I wish you and your staff the best in 2008.  Thank you again for making us aware of the Estonia grand pianos and for taking such good care of us.

Cheryl Dietmeyer
Deitmeyer Piano Studio
Peachtree City, GA