full view of pre-owned Bösendorfer model 225 grand piano
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Bösendorfer 7’4″ model 225 (1990)

Originally purchased new in 1994, this pre-owned Bösendorfer was originally built in Vienna, Austria in ~1990-1991.  This 7’4″ semi-concert grand model 225 has had one owner since new and was expertly cared for by the former head technician for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  This piano is in outstanding condition, plays as smooth as when new, and has the broad and deep tone that only a mature piano of this caliber can achieve.

If New, Retail price for this model is $209,999.  Visit us for this rare and amazing piano and learn why Bösendorfer is unique among all modern piano makers.

Brand: Bösendorfer

Price: $74999


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