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Mason & Hamlin 5’4″ Model B (1935) Restored

Another rare find from PianoWorks, this Mason & Hamlin model B baby grand piano is an American treasure!  Freshly restored, this is the classic, elegant baby grand you’ve been looking for.  Mason & Hamlin pianos are known for their outstanding designs and rich sound.  At 5’4″ long, the Mason & Hamlin model B will fit in most any room.

Brand: Mason & Hamlin


This piano was extensively rebuilt.  Originally built in 1935, we performed the following work:

Refinished in dark walnut, hand-rubbed satin
Polished satin brass hardware, new pedals
Re-guilded cast iron plate with hand lettering
New matching artist bench (on order)

New Renner hammer, shanks & flanges (Germany)
Reconditioned repetitions
New backchecks
New keybushings
Recondition original keytops
Recondition action frame and keyframe
Recondition damper action

New 5-ply maple pinblock
Reconditioned soundboard
Reconditioned bridge with new pins
New strings & tuning pins
New plate felts
New damper felts
Rebuild pedal trapwork

This piano now looks, sounds and plays like it did back in 1935.  Includes 5 year parts & labor warranty.

Today, a New Mason & Hamlin model B in walnut satin has MSRP of $63,923 (The Piano Buyer, Fall 2015 – Larry Fine).

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